Why Relying on Google PageRank is Wrong

During my journey in make money online, I have concluded that one of the major mistakes that people are keep doing is to rely your online money making campaign on Google PageRank.

Totally misleading and entirely wrong decision. Why?

PageRank, as you might already knew, is a measurement from 1 to 10 of how Google rank sites based on their popularity, of course, in the eyes of Google. Having a PageRank 7 is way much better than having a PageRank 3.

Does having a high PageRank help you rank higher in search engine result pages? Not necessarily.

There are PageRank 0 web pages that rank #1 on a certain keyword, because it’s popular in the eyes of Google. For instance, getting linked by an .edu (educational sites) is worth more than even 1000 .com links.

So again, PageRank is not related to your ability to rake in traffic.

One of my blogs received about 700 visits with 400 uniques every day with a PageRank 3, while my other blogs only receive about 100 visits with 50 uniques every day with a PageRank 5. Who makes more money? No brainer – the former one.

You see, all I can do with a PageRank 5 is selling links (90% links with dofollow attribute,) while I can do much more thing with my PageRank 3 site with good incoming traffic from search engines.

Of course, having a PageRank 5 with high traffic is very desirable, but it’s not the case that everyone can achieve 😉

So, a conclusion: Will having a high PageRank help? Yes – It might get you good money on limited time (until you get caught by Google selling links, and penalised your PageRank) and it’s good for your ego 🙂 (It’s a standard uses by many to measure SEO and link building success.)

Having said that, can I rely on PageRank? Of course not, if your vision is long term. If your make money onilne method involves buying dropped domains with high PageRank, sell links, and forget, this could be very, very lucrative 😉

I do try that before – buy a PageRank 5 domain name, set a simple site, sell links, and rake in dollars after dollars, until it gets Page Rank 0 – penalised by Google for selling links 😀

Believe me, link building and SEO are worthless in the above case – On that site, I’ve build well from nothing to something and have several PR6 backlinks with almost 15,000 in back links. Plain useless, if you sell links…

So, there you go. Will you rely on Google PageRank to make money online? You could, but you will become what a colleague called me before: A link pimp. ‘Your choice…

May 3, 2009 by
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