Here are tips for SEO:

  • Put your keyword in your page Title tag. <Title>Your keyword</title>. Do not put more than 70
  • Put your keyword in H1, H2, H3 tag.
  • Use domain consisting of your targeted keyword.
  • Use page file name consisting your targeted keyword.
  • Do not use more than two parameter in your URL like:
  • Use Bold <b> and <strong> to your keywords.
  • Use “alt” tag on your img, ex: <img src=”” alt=”domain”/>.
  • Use “title” tag on your hyperlink, ex: <a href=”” title=”domain”/>.
  • Do not have more than 4 depth on your URL like
  • Have back link from similar category website, put your keyword in the “title” tag of the hyperlink.
  • Have backlink from Setup Your profile from your settings page. Set the ‘More Info URL’ with your blog name. This link appears in your profile page and is a do-follow link. Twitter profiles tend to rank rather highly in Google so this counts as a quality backlink.
  • Make easy backlink by visiting the following website and submit your URL. Those website will create a page which links to your website. Change the with your URL. Here are the list:


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