Is Your Landing Page Working for You?

Whatever your plans for your website, your landing page has to work hard for you. This is the lead capture area of your operation and you have to get it right!

If you have an effective landing page you will focus a visitor’s attention on the offer that you want them to notice and you will capture the lead and make the sale.

Landing page

Here are some top ways to ensure that your landing page does the job that you need it to do.

Make sure that your visitors can access the page and forms

IT issues with your page, forms or payment functions can be a disaster for the effectiveness of the landing page. By investing in a Netstar IT support contract you will experience fewer IT problems because your systems will be constantly monitored and required maintenance will be carried out by a proactive support team. Problems are solved before they arise so your visitors will get a seamless service, starting at your landing page and ending in that all-important sale.

Get all the elements of a great landing page in place

Does your landing page have all the elements that it should have? If it is going to be effective in capturing leads it must have:

  • A headline. This is to attract attention and make it clear what your deal is all about. You may also wish to have a sub-headline which gives a bit more information.
  • A description. This will tell the visitor in just a few words what the offer is and why it is of value to them.
  • A visually appealing element. This is usually an attention-grabbing photograph or picture.
  • Security badges and testimonials to reassure the visitor
  • The capture form. This is where you will collect the visitor’s details or where the payment is made.

Encourage social sharing of your site

Even if the visitor does not buy your product, they could still be of use to you. They could share details about your site with others. You can encourage this by including social media sharing buttons on your landing page.

This does not mean that you have to crowd the page with every social media icon that there is. Limit it to the platforms that visitors in your niche use. If your product appeals to the under-twenties then Snap Chat would be the platform of choice. If, however, your product is of use to the over fifties, Facebook would be far more suitable. An email forwarding option would also work well.

Create more than one landing page

You don’t have to limit yourself to one landing page. You will see a significant increase in leads if you introduce 10 or even 15 landing pages. The more content you have, the more opportunities you have to generate leads for your business.

Not all of your landing pages will look the same. You can target content at the different types of visitors to your site and make it attractive to them. You can tweak offers and layouts to see what works best for you.

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