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We are a website offering various services and information, mainly on web hosting, web development, web creation service, SEO, and Internet marketing.

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Affordable Web Hosting

Affordable Web Hosting

We offer small web hosting (hence the business name) to cater individuals and businesses that only need a small-but-effective disk space/bandwidth and a more personalised, concierge-like web hosting service. But do not mistaken us as those affordable but unreliable web hosting - We guarantee 99.9% uptime with 24/7 customer support.

Our web hosting plans start from: FREE

SEO and Internet Marketing

SEO and Internet Marketing

If you are looking for SEO and Internet marketing practitioners, we can help you optimising your website to maximise exposure and conversion. No, we will not guarantee Google #1 position - We do not want to scam you! Instead, we offer services that will help your website to be more user-friendly and search engine-friendly, in respective order.

Our services includes: website optimisation, directory and article submission, social media submission, review campaign, and many more.

Web Development and Design

Web Development and Design

In need for Internet presence? We can help you with everything you need, either conventional, static websites or cutting-edge CMS-enabled websites and blogs. We take care everything, from installation, design, copywriting and marketing/promotion - An integrated one-stop solution for your convenience.

Our services includes: copywriting, web design, script installation, custom script development, and many more.

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