Your Marketing Guide For Your Blog

For this guide, we will take an example of a stock blog. The blog talks about investing in stock. The purpose of this guide is to build traffic for your site. This guide will require no money. The strategy is divided into two part, dailly and weekly strategy.

DAILLY strategy: (Total 1 hour 15 minutes)

  • Create a post about daily stock market activities. Which stock is on the move, and why is it. (15 minutes)
  • Find 3 forums which talks about stock (your niche). You can searh at Google for “stock forum”. The forum must be popular and have lots of activity. Register into the forum and create attractive signature. You can use color and bold for your signature. Post five post for each forum. Post in popular thread and be the first to reply post. (15 minutes per forum. Total 45 minutes)
  • When looking at the forum, take a note of other people blog and interesting topics. Visit one blog from your blog list. If you have 7 blogs on your list, you can visit them all in 7 days, a week. If you have 14 blogs on your list, you will visit them all in 14 days, two week. Read their blog, take a note of interesting topics, and comment on their blog. (15 minutes)

WEEKLY strategy: (Total 1 hour 5 minutes)

  • Remember that we have taken note of interesting topics when visiting forums and other people blogs. Do some research on Google about the topic. For example, in recent weeks stocks around the world went down sharply. You can do some research why this happen. Write an article of 500 words or more on the topic. Post the article on your blog. (45 minutes)
  • Submit your article to Social Bookmarking Sites like and (5 minutes)
  • Post your article at your top 3 forums of your choice. You can put a link to your post by saying like this “What do you think? You can comment to here”. “Here” is a link to your blog. (5 minutes)
  • Submit your article to, or any website that will accept your article. (15 minutes)
  • Check your blog’s traffic statistic. You can see your progress and plan a strategy based on your traffic statistic. If one forum does not gives you enough traffic, you might want to change another forum.

Follow the guide and let me know the result.

Oct 12, 2008 by
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