Xeround Cloud Database gets Your Website Database in the Cloud

Managing your website and web apps database well is important in ensuring the availability of your website access. Learn how Xeround cloud database can help you in your endeavor.

Cloud services are hot right now – too hot. We need to smarten up to sign up with the right cloud services that actually answer our business issues, not adding more headaches. If we are not careful, you will end up experiencing the so-called cloud lock-in and cloud sprawl.

But it’s often that you simply cannot help it; almost everything you can think of is now on the cloud. Software? Check. Hardware? Check. Web development platforms? Check. Your projects? Check. Your life? Check.

When you are accessing your email via your smartphone, you are in the cloud; when you access your music, images, videos, etc., you are in the cloud.

Now, there are growing numbers of software/hardware plugged in to the cloud, hence new jargon was born on regular basis: Cloud storage, cloud backup, cloud hosting, cloud printer, cloud desktop, etc.

Not all new solutions, though. Some are “refurbished” solutions – conventional IT solutions re-branded as “cloud” solutions. However, some others are cutting-edge and bring real solutions deployed in the cloud.

One of them is Xeround, offering database as a service (DBaaS).

What is Xeround?

Xeround is essentially a cloud database service, allowing you to host your website or web application’s databases in the cloud.

The DBaaS offered by Xeround brings in all the goodness of the cloud: It’s scalable, simple to deploy and always-available.

Scalability – Xeround DBaaS automatically scales up when your need more resources, and scales down when you don’t need plenty of resources.

Simplicity – Xeround works out of the box; 1-click deployment, no code changes, zero maintenance. Nice and easy.

Availability – Xeround comes with no downtime guarantee; your database is always available 24/7.

Xeround also on offer via RackSpace, Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Heroku, meaning that you data stored and cloud applications built on those cloud service providers can be securely access the cloud database services provided by Xeround.

How Xeround can help you? My case study…

Running a website that actively accessing the database is trivial; as your website grows, the demand to database access also grows. This is particularly true if your website runs on a PHP/MySQL-built CMS, such as Joomla! and WordPress, or running MySQL applications that extensively access the database.

We all know the drill: Managing your own web server sucks, especially if you are not really a techie guy.

I have been working with websites for some time – I have actually built hundreds of websites. However, I can’t seem to get around web server issues, especially handling database crashes. That’s why I sign up with fully-managed VPS hosting so that I don’t need to fix the databases on my own (that would be a disaster if I did!)

A couple of years ago I even experiencing databases loss that include the loss of data in dozens of my sites hosted with that particular web hosting provider. It seems that the web servers’ hardware was, um, broken. So the web host just restored clients’ information from last week’s backup. I’ve built 2-3 new sites in that particular week, and – as a newbie in data backup – I don’t have a local backup (let alone cloud backup!)

So, the moral of the story? Having your database in the cloud with reputable cloud database service providers, such as Xeround, can secure your web assets well and ensure the operational of your websites and web applications.

I recommend you to visit Xeround DBaaS and do let me know what you think of it.

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