WordPress Newsletter Plugin

This plugin is a simple newsletter plugin. It can show opt-in form, save opt-in email and name, and send emails to your opt-in list. You can see the demo here on my blog (on top-right side). Download WordPress Newsletter here. If you sending lots of email, I suggest using paid email marketing like GetResponse.

Please comment, and give any critics, and suggestion.

If you find it useful, please donate here:

Thanks to Jörg who has help me testing the code.

Updated Dec 6, 2008:
-Fixed some bug
-Set auto unsubscribe line on the end of each email sent

Update December 11, 2008

-Can filter data by Opted-in user, not opted-in user, and removed user
-Paging system for opted-in data

Updated Dec 20, 2008:
-Add import and export data

Updated Jan 9, 2008:
-Pop up opt-in form


Updated Jan 17, 2008:
When visitor is subscribed, it will send a welcome email to him. I use it to gave a free ebook for every one who have subscribed in my blog. You can check it by entering your email at the left opt-in form. You can get free ebook on “How to make money from blogging” if you try it.

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