WordPress newsletter plugin updated

I have updated my WordPress newsletter plugin, It will now have the ability to show pop up opt-in form. It can increase subscriptions to your newsletters. Aren’t they dead? Nope, many sites even the big ones are still using them successfully. I once see shoemoney use them too. Pop up are usually used for ads.

The old style popup often blocked by modern browsers by default, so we need to replace it with DHTML hover ads. Hover ads have the same effect, but much more elegantly. The code that creates the window effect is DHTML; a mix of HTML and Javascript. The hover ads grabs more attention. But it’s not enough not grabbed the visitors’ attention, you better make it worth for them. You should be offering them a gift or a bonus. For example:

  • An ebook on a subject related to your site theme.
  • A free course via email on a topic related to your site.

The hover ads I made does not show on every page load to the same visitor. This will just annoy the person and also your regular site visitors. The hover ads appear once very soon after the page has loaded.

Jan 9, 2009 by
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