Why You Should Highly Consider Email Solo Advertising

Getting tons of direct mails – especially those that are unsolicited – is probably the least thing you want to happen in your busy day. If you are an advertiser, you need Targeted List Advertising; hiring any email marketing services you encounter that will blast your ads to hundreds of thousands of members in the list won’t get you results.

One of such laser-targeted email marketing types is Email Solo Advertising. Email solo advertising is essentially advertising using email newsletters, sent out to the newsletters’ opt-in members. Obviously, advertisers are required to be reliable and trustworthy.

The benefit of advertise your products or services to email newsletters is that you will pitch to laser-targeted audience who is more than willing to ‘listen’ to your pitch and buy to your recommendation. This being said, you need to choose which email newsletters are of high quality – never focus on the member counts – focus on the niche and the quality of the email newsletters.

Before signup with any email solo advertising service providers, be sure you search the Internet for the best option. Again, never fall for “we deliver your ad to 250,000 subscribers” kind of ads – the most important factor is conversion, and this is achieved by placing your ads on quality lists.

Of the many services available, one list marketing service to recommend is Rent-a-list.

Rent-a-list offers your business full advertising services and full access to its network of web properties in 66 niche markets. You can track your campaigns, access ad design services, targeted list advertising, sponsorship advertising and impression-based image and text advertising. Be sure to check out online advertising discount from Rent-a-list.

How do you know that Rent-a-list is a trusted and reliable advertising service business? The best way to find out is by searching for reviews and testimonials regarding the service. For case studies and testimonials, you can access them from Rent-a-list testimonials page.

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