Why You Should Consider IPTV for Your Business

The Media and Design integration for business now includes IPTV for branding and informational (including infomercial) purposes.

How IPTV will benefit businesses?

In 2013, the number of IPTV subscribers worldwide will reach 83 million with the market revenue of $38 billion. It’s a growing consumer trends, as well as business trends.

Businesses can make a great use of this technology for broadcasting live or pre-recorded infomercials, presentations, briefings, and so on.

On premise, IPTV helps companies to communicate their corporate values, new policies, news updates, briefings, and so on.

Off premise – typically in TV screens in public area – IPTV can help businesses enhance their corporate image, as well as boosting revenue.

The media are typically PCs, laptops, TV, and video wall.

How it works?

IPTV will deliver your content via a corporate data network.

Content sources include global TV channels, pre-recorded content (including video on demand, training, DVD playback, and so on,) and your company’s TV production (for broadcasting presentations, briefings and so on.)

IPTV receivers will then emanates your content to various media, such as video walls, TVs, laptops, PCs and projectors.

Why you should adopt IPTV for your business

Emails are still effective, but multimedia will help getting your message across better. How so?

Firstly, employees don’t need to be at their desks to get your updates. While having their watercooler talks, they can discuss on your local IPTV broadcast from a TV located nearby.

Secondly, when you are launching a training program, just send it straight to your employees’ desktop PC or laptop. You don’t have to gather them in one place; this way, your training program is more effective and efficient.

When you are aiming for company-wide branding, improved results and enhanced productivity, I recommend you to explore deeper about IPTV adoption.

Jan 22, 2013 by
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