Why You Should Consider Cloud Hosting

Have you ever been suspended by your web hosting provider for excessive resource usage? I did and it sucks.

One of my blogs’ articles hit big time on Digg and drives quite a large number of visitors to my site. It’s great and a wonderful feeling hitting Digg’s front page, but the good times are short-lived. Soon, without any notification, my hosting provider shut down the site for excessive CPU usage.

In a disbelieve, I contact the support and get the reply that my site is causing problem to other sites in the shared hosting (I use shared hosting on this one) – so they don’t have any other choices than suspending my site.

What a bummer. I worked hard to build the blog in such a way so it can actually hit it big on social media sites, only to find the blog to be suspended.

The support team suggested me to either optimize the site better OR sign up for VPS or Dedicated hosting plan. The former is okay but the latter is not ideal. VPS and Dedicated hosting are expensive, and I don’t want to pay such amount of money – $60-ish to $100-ish a month – on regular basis.

To cut long story short, I decided to look for options.

I found info about cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a virtual, dynamic and scalable web hosting infrastructure, which resources are allocated automatically on demand.

Cloud hosting will definitely solve my site suspension problems. Due to its ability to allocate resources automatically, my sites will never go down due to a huge amount of traffic – all in a fraction of VPS or Dedicated hosting costs. Maybe it’s a good bye to traditional shared hosting?

Cloud hosting is typically self-service, but this self-service idea is not really hitting big time in my mind. Also, I’m used to work with cPanel/WHM. This is clearly not supported by cloud hosting.

Or is it?

Things has changed; the cloud hosting world has changed and now it can offer what conventional hosting can offer PLUS all the goodness of the cloud can offer you.

Evolution of Cloud Hosting By Umbee HostingEvolution of Cloud Hosting By Umbee Hosting is an infographic that was produced by Umbee Cloud Server Hosting

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