Why Cloud Computing is the way ahead and why you should not ignore it

Crazy with clouds computing? Yes there are good reasons to be crazy about because it is cool to store things in a place far above the mundane computing world where outrage is a pretty normal affair and where malicious attacks or virus infections have become a part and parcel of our daily computing life. So, cloud computing is a breath of fresh air for all especially for small business owners who are tired of facing these so-called small issues. However cloud computing is not just about goodness incorporated, like any other technological advancement, it has its own shares of shortcomings. But as of now, its advantages can easily outweigh its disadvantages and which is why…

It is Scalable: by scalable means, if you business starts growing, could computing will automatically accommodate the extra space required your business to take off. So, a completely hassle free experience. The rates are calculated monthly or yearly basis; however, you can easily migrate from small plan to bigger plan whenever your business is in the expansion mode.

Provisioning Cost: Another great advantage of using cloud computing is that its provisioning cost is near zero. With cloud computing at your service, you would not have to splurge money for setting up a new server and exhaust manpower on it to keep it running. Cloud hosting service providers are themselves taking care of it. So you will be able to concentrate more on your business rather than on dealing with some frivolous issues.

Hassle Free: Cloud computing encourages collaboration and this leads to increase in efficiency and that means, there will be fewer changes of committing silly mistakes. Moreover, cloud computing reduce dependency on technical support teams and that means, a small business will save a considerable amount as far as production cost is concerned.

However, cloud computing is not perfect and like everything else in the world, it has some serious shortcomings that we are going to illustrate here:

Sudden Failure:  Though the possibility of sudden outrage is few and far between, there are still chances that your website may go dark just when your website starts drawing a large number of visitors. Sometimes, it is just the co-incident or just the lady luck is not happy with you. So, cloud computing is not perfect when it comes it providing support but it is definitely a better choice than other popular options available.

Pricing: This is another chink in its armor. Yah the pricing of cloud computing is gonna hurt you pretty badly and this is certainly not a preferred choice for small business owners who are struggling to keep the cost at a minimum. However, even after paying such huge price, sometimes things may go screwed and so, a humble advice is to go for two or three Cloud hosting service providers rather than sticking to one at a time. But this will in its turn will increase the pricing.

So, there are both advantages and disadvantages of incorporating Cloud Computing within your business model but given its immense benefits, you can easily ignore the mistakes. So, please share your own stories with Cloud computing and I would love to get feedback from you.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a passionate bloggers and a regular contributor to WebArts.

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