Why Blog Commenting for SEO and Link Building Purposes Sucks

With all due respect to SEO Specialists out there, I think blog commenting sucks. Period.

I used to utilise this link and traffic building method, but not anymore. Why? Because I myself is being bombarded by individuals and SEO experts alike with comments that successfully avoid my Akismet spam scanning, but contains, umm, useless and, sometimes, tasteless comments (How “Here are some dating tips for geeks” comment in my articles about web hosting sounds?)

I know there is a hint of “geekiness” in each of us webmasters and web developers – But, c’mon…

To worsen things, I have dozen of blogs, receiving dozens of comments (statistically, about 50% of them are spams – both blatant and subtle.)

I conclude that all the blog commenting for SEO and link building purposes are done for two purpose: traffic building (by trying to be among the firsts to comment on an authoritative blog post) and link building (especially on dofollow blogs.)

Abusing CommentLuv and similar WP Plugins

Blog commenting on WordPress blogs, especially on those that use CommentLuv and similar plugins, is sucks, as well. It’s like slapping Andy Beard’s campaign of dofollowing blog comments. His campaign promotes quality commenting with genuine intention to offer opinions first, and link/traffic building second.

Abusing Top Commentator and similar WP Plugins

I used to utilise “Top Commentator” WordPress plugins on top blogs in order to get my links on the Top 5 position, sitewide – With dofollow attribute. I suck and those who do just that suck, too.

Luckily, the Top Commentator plugin developer updates it regularly, so that it gives blog owners a power to customise the listing of top commentators, including the addition of every website owner’s life-saver vs. “malicious” blog commenters : nofollow tagging.

Abusing RSS subscription to be the first to know when your “target” blogs are posting articles

RSS readers and alerts are cool, but some use them to be the first commentator on the blog posts (a spoiler: This works wonder for me – Free, residual traffic to your blog, even weeks after the post date.) But you are not supposedly to do this by posting spam or junk comments!

How for us to avoid “suckiness” from artificial blog commentators

Learning from my own experience, I stop doing blog commenting for the sake of SEO/link building. Today, I comment on blogs because I enjoy the blog posts and want to tell the world what I think of the blog post.

I do still think about traffic and link building, but those fall deep, deep down in my SEO campaign checklist. I want people to pay a visit and link to my website/blog from the useful comments I write on other blogs. It’s probably the whitest hat SEO ever, but I enjoy and feel right doing it (just like the blog owners who do carbon offsetting to support a greener, environmentally friendly blogging practice.)

What’s your view about blog commenting?

Aug 7, 2009 by
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