What makes a blog so popular?

I’m in a journey of making my blog the best in the world. So what makes a blog so popular. To get the answer I browse Entrecard looking for interesting blogs which are in the same niche as mine. After two days of search I found a blog, where they list the top most visited blog. So I’ve found my target. Next is to find out why it is so popular.

Through fast examination, I find out that it has PR of 6, 3,940 pages backlink at Google SERP, and 3,430 site indexed at Google. You can see that it has so many backlinks that it is bigger than the site indexed. WOW. It also has more than 48 thousand of feedburner reader.

Through sitemeter.com installed at the blog, I know that it has 41,590 page view per day. Can you imagine how much he earn from the blog? My guess more than $200 a day. The blog has great content, and very useful tips. Most of the content is from his own experience. With those super content it is normal to have such high traffic.

OK now for further inspection, I check his article archives. He has been blogging since October 2006, almost 2.5 years. Each day he writes one post or two. That means he will have more than 400 articles a year.

Next I want to know why he had so many backlinks. I visit several blogs and these blogs have give him backlink from their blogrol. I do not know whether he add the link voluntary or not. But looking at his blog content, those bloggers are all his fans.

So what is the morale of this article? It’s so simple, the blog is popular because of it’s content. He gives value to his reader through his experience. Ask your self, are your article unique? Does it gives value to your reader?

Feb 9, 2009 by
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