Weeding Out Bad Hosts

Finding a Web host is easy, but finding a bad one is even easier. The truth is that most hosts are terrible. They overcharge you for subpar services that will kill your online business, blog or any other type of website. It’s not going to be easy to find the best host, but knowing the anatomy of a bad host will help you make the right choice.

Incompetent Support

Every host offers customer support, but you need stellar support to make the most of your website. What happens if a hacker tries to attack your website or the server is down? A good customer support team will work with you to fix the problem in a timely manner.

A bad support team will ignore your questions, try to convince you that nothing is wrong and suddenly find it difficult to access your files.


Did you know that every host will experience downtime? This is often due to maintenance, but there are various reasons why a server might go down. This means that your website will be inaccessible for a team. An average host will offer at least a 99 percent uptime guarantee, but good hosts offer 99.9 percent or higher.

A bad host will not only offer poor uptime guarantees, but they will have a hard time keeping their promise. Many hosts say that you will get 99.9 percent uptime, but the true value is often closer to 95 to 98 percent.


Bad hosts love offering customers low initial prices to drag them in. You might just have to pay $3 to $5 a month for hosting, which won’t be too bad. The price will then skyrocket to $10 or more a month for the same level of service. This is unacceptable, especially if the host never indicated this price increase.

Poor Site Loading Speeds

A bad host will overcrowd their obsolete servers to get the most accounts. This leads to very slow site loading, which will negatively impact your website. Did you know that about 40 percent of users will leave your website if it doesn’t load in three seconds?

Not only that, but if you are running a business, then your sales will drop by about one percent for every tenth of a second delay.

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Source: WebsiteHostReview.com

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