VPS Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

There are lot of web hosting services catering to the needs of different customers and businesses. The most important of them are dedicated hosting services and VPS hosting services. Small businesses and individual entrepreneurs should make sure that they select the right hosting service before proceeding further.

This is essential in order to give hassle free services to the customers. For this one should know the differences between VPS Hosting services and Dedicated Hosting Services.

VPS hosting

VPS is the acronym for Virtual Private Server. This system of hosting enables businesses that are on shared hosting plans and wish to make use of more services and features of the web hosting company.

Generally a shared web hosting services has some drawbacks. This is because a single server hosts numerous sites making the system less stable. As there are lots of websites hosted on single server there is immense competition in using the services of the company. This results in poor performance.

One can upgrade to dedicated server hosting but it costs ten times the existing cost. So VPS hosting comes in to fill this wide gap between normal web hosting services and dedicated web hosting services.

VPS hosting enables the customer to host his website on shared server but gets all the benefits of the dedicated server hosting. VPS plans cost lower than dedicated servers.

Dedicated hosting

If a company thinks that their website needs more powerful server to serve increased traffic, or wish to install new CMS or customer management software then they think of dedicated hosting services. When companies like to run and operate software that is resource intensive on the servers then dedicated web hosting services are the most suitable and recommended option.

The price ranges for this type of hosing vary significantly and depends on the plan type one may choose. Price increases with the efficiency and capacity of the server.

One should be knowledgeable about what his website or applications require and select plans accordingly. Else one can choose a particular plan and upgrade it at later stages. People should chose those dedicated web hosting services that enable them to upgrade at later stages. One can even sign up for managed hosting if they are not short of finances.

In conclusion

All in all both the forms of web hosting provides excellent individual and powerful servers and enhanced features that one can make use of it depending on the requirement of the business and the system.

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