Vital New Tools for Web Development Businesses

Web development services continue to accelerate rapidly. Businesses involved in this industry are currently able to reap the benefits of a wide variety of new tools that both streamline and automate the process of creating web development tools and distributing them across networks. From cloud services like multimedia integration, automated provisioning and LMS hosting to API and AJAX, this is an exciting time to be a web developer. Here are some of the top new tools for professionals working in the web development business:

Application builders

Application builders range in nature pretty dramatically depending on what function is needed, but almost any web development project anchored in 2.0 integration will benefit from the use of several app builders. DreamFace, for example, assists in the creation of customized Web apps while Organic Incentive facilitates the production of viral widgets through an easy drag-and-drop interface. Qrimp, which works very well with Excel, builds applications specific to your data. If you’re looking for something very easy you could go with Tersus, which requires the user to know virtually no coding or scripting.

Automated provisioning

Automated provisioning is the ability of customers and business clients to alter their telecommunications networks through a Web browser without the need to directly contact their providers. This type of service allows great consistency among development environments and reduces complications in system configuration and installations.


An API (or application programming interface) is a portfolio of protocols and tools for the creation of software applications. They are extremely helpful for programmers and nearly all operating environments have one. There are a number of excellent API-related tools out there now, including The Echo Nest, which hosts music-related development services, Clickatell, which is an SMS tool that allows your website to send messages, and Nonoba, an API for online game developers.


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a portfolio of different web development tools that involves sending and receiving information. It is not a single system but several, often involving overlapping applications of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Some of the best AJAX tools out there work to integrate and streamline these different services. Frevvo, for example, is an Ajax for creator that supports XML. WaveMaker is an open source WYSIWYG editor. Jquery is a Javascript library that enhances Ajax development.

No matter what your web development business is focused on the tools listed above should be able to assist in both subtle and drastic ways. Incorporating these services and strategies, as well as adopting a cloud computing network, should make your company run faster and more efficiently.

Feb 1, 2012 by
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