Using ‘Syndicate Kahuna’ to automate your blog

Syndicate Kahuna is A blog feeder or an article distribution service. The service is free for now. Once signed up you enter user details of any blogs you want to enter into the system. The system will then check the categories of your blogs and submits suitable articles to these categories as regular as you want. Syndicate Kahuna has a system in place so that your blog does not become too spammy by checking the post first. It is posible that someone will post an article with an ad in it, so you need to check it first.

You can put together your articles using a method that makes them spinable so that each post is totally unique. Syndicate Kahuna say they have designed this system to deal with a massive 22 000 blogs so the distribution of your articles will be big.

The launch of Syndicate Kahuna could be a the end of PLR membership sites. You do not need to buy PLR articles, rewrite it and then post the articles when they can sign up with Syndicate Kahuna for free. Syndicate Kahuna is owned by the same team that produced Portal Feeder and Traffic Kahuna and both these memberships are constantly full. So you better hurry for this.

This system will be good for Syndicate Kahuna because they are paid, marketers because they get quick backlink, and blogger because they get free content for exchange of promotion from the marketers. If suggest that you only join if you are still a beginner in blogging.

Sep 24, 2008 by
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