Understanding Dedicated Server Web Hosting

In the world of web hosting, what exactly is a dedicated server? It is a single physical server that can be accessed by only one user. The consumer is given the ability to utilize the full resources provided by the CPU, the RAM and the rest of the hardware system. The entire server is allocated and assigned to one consumer in turn consistently providing high speed performance and availability at all times. 

Dedicated servers are usually used by large businesses and highly advanced users who create websites that have a high traffic rate and run databases that are highly complex. Theses allocated servers also offer large business options to choose their hardware configuration according to the needs of their company. 

There are many different types of web hosting but one must ensure they know the difference between them. Dedicated server web hosting gives the consumer a personal server that is permanently connected to the internet and is for personal use only. It basically means that the machine you work on is yours but the server is maintained for your use only. 

Benefits Of A Dedicated Server

Depending on why one would use a dedicated server there are many benefits of using such web hosting facilities.

1. Firstly it gives you full control over your personal website and you can be rest assured no other websites impact yours.

2. Speed is another important factor. Imagine having an extremely powerful machine just for your personal usage with no sharing. For those working on large websites which include streaming of media as well as high end applications, then a high speed computer and server is extremely essential. 

3. It is extremely reliable and secure and you can be assured that your web information and personal data is safe.

4. For those working on many sites and domains, the cost of each website reduces when using a dedicated server.

5. The applications that are used work very fast due to the special multi-core processors that provided along with special quad-core CPU’s.

6. Special backups are performed which means you do not have to fear losing any data that you have on your domain, if the hard drive ever fails. Dedicated servers do not have any limit for backup storage. 

7. With a specialized dedicated server one can have full root access and have the ability to reboot remotely straight from the panel itself. 

8. With dedicated servers one would have a better flexibility in adding on POP3 and FTP accounts to your domain without any extra charges. 

9. Login in to your dedicated server would be like login in to your own personal computer and once you do, you can install and configure your domain by adding software and managing it as per your requirement. 

What Is The Use Of A Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server would provide the consumer with greater flexibility and reliability, speed and control over his own domain. It would also provide users with the ability to upgrade at any time and use as much space they need. A dedicated web provider offers its customers 24/7 monitoring and special maintenance of your domain. For those using dedicated web servers, they can apply for special broadband deals directly from the provider itself. Many broadband deals include a variety of hosting services, so why not sign up for the best Simply Switch broadband deal to help with your personal domains.

So for those who are working on large websites with high traffic and the use of large applications and databases, dedicated web servers is the best option for you. 

About the Author: Phil Farell is an avid blogger with varied interests in web hosting, servers and Internet technology. He also shares his ideas about NZ broadband packages and how he benefits from the services. When not blogging, he loves fixing watches and cars.

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