Top Paying Keywords

One way to increase your Adsense revenue, is by having high paying keywords on your website. The higher an advertiser pays for a keyword, they more you will receives when someone click your Adsense. There are numerous ways to find out which keywords pays more.

  • Search Google for “high paying keywords” or “top paying keywords”.
  • Go to which provides finding good keywords service.
  • By finding out by your self. If you have many websites, you can track your Adsense revenue by using channel. You will then find out which channel is more profitable. All you have to do is sell the least profitable and focus on the most profitable.
  • Search a keyword at More advertisers in the right of the search result page means a lots of competition. High competition means advertisers need to pay more. High paying keywords usually have more advertiser for that keyword.
  • Go to Google Adwords keyword tool. You can find out how much average does the advertiser pay for a keywo
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