Top eight ways to monetize your blog

  • Contextual ads. These ads are shown based on the content displayed to the user. A contextual advertising system scans the text of a website for keywords and returns advertisements to the webpage based on what the user is viewing. The most popular contextual advertising are Google Adsense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, and Microsoft adCenter. Contextual advertising can be in text or graphic form.
  • Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can be a huge source of income, better than adsense if it is done correctly. Affiliate marketing is selling other people products. Many people just use banner for affiliate marketing. This won’t work well. You must affect your customer to buy, and this can not be done by using banner. You must make the your reader to trust you, and gives them solution of their problem. You might offer something that will save their money. Here is the top affiliate that I recommend if you are in the internet marketing niche. You can earn a lot from there.
  • Selling banner. You can sell banner by asking people to advertise. It needs work. Even a great product needs promotion. Before selling your ads, you must place advertising space on your blog. Email companies statistic about your blog, price list, and give then screenshot where their ads will be placed. Your offer must describe your blog’s topic, pageview, and unique visitor statistic. If you can give them statistic about your visitor characteristic, like male or female, your visitor jobs, ages, and location. If the company is familiar with internet marketing, you can also provide them with other statistic like technorati rank, and Google PageRank. You should also specify your policy on PageRank, whether you will give backlink or not.
  • Making review. You can make money by writing review for other people product or service., and can help you by being a brokers between you and sponsors who pay for you to write a review of their website/product/service on your blog. The bad thing about making review is you have to work/write to get money. It is not a passive income sources.
  • In-Text Advertising. You can show ads based on certain keywords in the text of your articles into link advertisements. If a reader clicks the link you make money. The most popular providers of this service are Kontera.
  • RSS advertising. If you build up a good RSS readership, you can monetize your feed by using services like and integrate it with Google Adsense on your feed.
  • Donation. You can set donation using paypal. Go to paypal and get the donation code. At paypal, you can click on the “Merchant Services”. In the “Key Features” box, click on the “Donations”.
  • Selling your content like ebook. Create an usefull ebook about topics of your blog. If you do internet marketing blog, you can sell an ebook about increasing traffic or SEO. You can receive payment using paypal. It can save you a lot of effort in setting up your shopping cart.
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