Top 7 Signs You Need To Leave Your Current Web Hosting Provider

You have to have a dependable web hosting service or your site is going to have a lot of issues.  This service is provided to individuals or organizations that need to have their website hosted.  They don’t have a server so they need to rent one out to store their data.  The main purpose of hosting websites is to make them accessible to people all around the globe.  So if you have a website and want to increase the number of visitors, then you will need to get an account for hosting your website on the internet.  It’s vital that you have a host otherwise your website would not exist. 

Running a website takes a lot of extra time and businesses need to be able to trust their hosting provider.  There are many reasons which people seek out new hosting; some of them are slow speed, ignoring questions and request, outdated tools and applications, lack of security, but these problems often leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth.  Maybe you’ve experienced this problem or know what I am talking about?  All the above issues will cause you to shop for another web hosting to call your website’s home. 

1) If you are looking to make a serious business out of your site and all your provider does is play around. If you web hosting site is free, that is all well and good. But it’s not going to get you very far with your business. So if your provider is just playing around and is not looking to help you get anything accomplished, than go with another service. 

2) If you can not get them on the phone. This is a major sign to look for. Any real web-hosting provider will be able to talk to you about any issue. So if they don’t give you contact information, then this is a major red flag. If you try to get in touch with them and they either don’t answer or just give you the run-around, then please do yourself a favor and find a new company. This should not be happening for those who are looking for serious web hosting providers.  

3)Are you able to build a clean site without any issues. I say this, especially for those who don’t have any technical or programming background. If your web hosting provider’s site is not working the way it should, then it’s best to move on.  

4) What about the cPanel? This is good for smaller sites who just maintain blogs and smaller information. but if you are looking to build a much bigger forum, than you will need something more. So do some planning. Using something like cPanel and ISP Configuration is good for smaller venues. But for medium and larger-sized forums and companies you will need to update. If you start out small and want to go bigger, than you will need to find a new provider.  

A prime example of a company that doesn’t use cPanel is GoDaddy.  They have a mile long of issues that are bad for online businesses. 

5)If you don’t know what you are doing, than most providers will help you set things up. All you have to do is tell them your vision and a good provider will assist you. But if you are not getting any assistance, especially when they promise to engage you, then you need to move providers.  

It’s also a good idea to go with a provider that gives you unlimited emailing capabilities. Think about it, your provider will have to stay in touch with you and you will need to connect with the customers. This needs to be done on a regular basis. If you find that your web hosting provider doesn’t give you enough emailing correspondence and space, than you need to switch. Email plays a vital role in the web hosting engagement. If they are not holding up their end of the bargain, than you need to find someone new and different.

6) Look for a web hosting provider that has a good online manager and FTP. This is of major value when you need to upload certain things. You need to be able to do this at a good speed. So check to see what the provider offers with the FTP. If the provider doesn’t offer what you need, than this is also a good time to switch. 

7) Most web hosting providers never use more than 1% of space. So don’t buy into the advertisements of 25gb or more of space. You are paying extra for overbuying. So avoid this. If you do go over the allotted space and you do need more, than talk to your host. The reputable ones will provide you with more than enough space.

About the Author: This article was written by Garen Arnold who runs  He enjoys helping businesses get started online and reviewing web hosting companies.

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