Top 3 Script Libraries to Help You Spice Up Your Website

As a webmaster or web builder, you are required to at least understand how a script work and how to use a certain script to achieve what you or your clients require to implement in a website.

I understand PHP and JS, but I am just a so so programmer. Will this make me less competitive than the other web developer?

Not necessarily. There are experts out there who are generous enough to share their codes and scripts, free of charge, as long as you keep the attribution inside intact (some even don’t have any attribution at all!)

Here are the 3 script libraries I often visit to ‘outsource’ my website coding needs:

  1. Dynamic Drive ( – Dynamic Drive – offering DHTML and JavaScript codes for free – is the place I often visit for my coding needs, especially for online favicon generator, form effects and navigation bars scripts. Most of the scripts’ sample can be seen in action on-site.
  2. Hot Scripts ( – Hot Scripts is THE place for both free, free trial and paid scripts that are more than snippets. It is basically a directory of scripts that leads to the developers’ websites. I purchased some of the scripts listed on it, and downloaded some others that are free but powerful scripts.
  3.’s Free JavaScript Resources ( – Pretty much similar to Dynamic Drive’s JavaScripts lists, but a bit more comprehensive.

Of all three, my favourite is Dynamic Drive – There are active forums inside and free online tools to help you to be more productive with your time (thus increasing your $ per hour rate 😉 … )

What’s yours?

May 12, 2009 by
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