The Benefits Of Linux With Shared Web Hosting

Linux hosting is a form of network and web hosting that is based on the open-source operating system. It allows for modifications if needed to boost security of the network and website. Linux provides options for hosting that includes web and shared hosting. These forms of hosting are available for business-related networks and independent website owners.

For Websites

Linux web hosting services utilize HTML or Hypertext Markup Language in web-based applications. This attribute encompasses the way you add elements to your webpages. It may also affect how they are presented to viewers.

Shared Hosting

Within a network, shared hosting is a web-based hosting service that allows users to place more than one website on a server. The server is connected directly onto the Internet. Within these services, the websites are partitioned to allow adequate space for each to operate online. The same is true of shared Linux hosting.

Shared Linux Web Hosting Service

Options such as shared Linux web hosting services allow several users to access your network or website at one time. The service requires adequate system administration to ensure proper credentials for using your services and provides sufficient bandwidth for all users to access your network or website.

These services are provided by a company offering hosting via their server or through the IT department of your own company. As a business owner, you can also select offsite hosting for your company network. Among the benefits of offsite hosting is lower overhead, 24-hour monitoring of your services, and regular maintenance.

Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting

Linux hosting comes with many benefits. The most obvious is the open-source design. It also provides you with use of programming languages such as Python and Perl. The hosting service additionally provides you with access to numerous mail transfer agents to such as Exims.


You have access to a multitude of tools to include scripts, applications, and snippets. These attributes allow you to utilize these additional services. The system is also compatible with Windows applications that are considered an open-source option. Which means you may utilize these applications on your network or website.

Linux hosting options offer stability and manageable operating systems. By design, it allows you to insecure the security of your network or website. It offers control panels for you to gain access to vital parts of your systems. The hosting option allows you to create backups of your files and important data. Additionally, you have the option to utilize SFTP or Simple File Transfer Protocol to generate remote backups.

Outside Monitoring

Services that are provided offsite allow for additional monitoring of your websites. In the same way, you have would with an onsite network or system administration, you receive a report associated with the reliability and uptime of your websites. The offsite administrators monitor the availability and functionality of the websites. These individuals are responsible for maintaining your presence online in terms of your sites and repair issues that arise.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Linux hosting allows for several options for your network or website. The options include web hosting and shared hosting selections. These hosting services provide stability, manageability, and functionality of your network or website via onsite or remote monitoring by your preferred hosting provider.

Linux is an open source option that provides you with many benefits. Among them are tools, languages, applications, and backup creation. These benefits enable you to ensure that your network or website is available to users at all times.

Clint Reeves is the Director of Client Services for UK2Group, a global group of web hosting brands. Clint has been working in the hosting industry for several years and is an expert on Linux, shared hosting and other hosting services. You can visit if you would like to find out more about shared Linux hosting and its benefits. Follow Clint on Twitter.

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