The Benefit of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is writing posts for other bloggers to publish on their blogs. Guest blogging is usefull for traffic building and networking tool.

The blogger who writes will gain new readers to his blog, if he can prove himself a good writer and expert in his field. You can also earn backlinks to your blog. The blogger who owns the blog will have more time to do other activity.

When doing guest blogging, there are things you should remember:

  • Only write post to blogs which have the same topic as yours. This way, you can get targeted traffic from other people blog and they might become a loyal reader for your blog.
  • Always create high quality content that will invite users to read your own blog.
  • Put your name, link, and maybe your photo if the blog owner allow it. Your name and link should be mentioned at the top of the post to get people’s attention.
  • You can put your content to your own blog if the author allow it. Don’t worry about duplicate content issues with search engines. It is just a myth. See this. If the blog owner allow it, you can post it to your own blog in one month time after your post to other blog. You don’t want people from other blog reach your blog and find out that you have the same article as the other blog.
  • Reply comments on your post. This wil help you build your community and credibility.
Dec 3, 2008 by
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