Should You Rent Spaces with a VPS Hosting Company?

If you have a limited budget for your web hosting plans then a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the ideal plan that would suit all your needs.

VPS hosting is an ideal bridge that fills that gap between an entry-level web hosting services. In a web hosting plan you have limited options of space since you are sharing the server space. You also own and manage your own hardware and you are simply renting the rack space.

But if your needs are growing and you are not ready to cross the financial limits then VPS hosting is the key to your success.

While having a dedicated hosting may be better option as compared to VPS hosting but it is an expensive plan as compared to VPS hosting. As the name suggests, dedicated hosting gives you dedicated server rather than sharing it with others. In fact you rent the dedicated server from the hosting company and you won’t have to rent rack space.

But since you have limited budget, VPS hosting is always the best web hosting plan that you can have. VPS hosting has the root access that enables you to install any programme that you would need. Whether it is PHP or Zope, try anything that you want and you will get instant result.

VPS hosting also allows you to host unlimited number of websites with the help of its Apache’s Virtual Hosts. You can also host other services like the having a mail server or an FTP. In fact you can have any server that you want. The server will also help you to keep backup and also use for storing files.

But VPS hosting has its share of disadvantages as well. VPS hosting puts you in complete control of your server so you are responsible for the entire maintenance and installation work. You also have to be careful about all the security and regular updates so that the server is always in a perfect running condition.

The main problem with VP hosting is that it might give you the operating system of your choice but you still have to share the hardwares with others who are also using the same server. So the performance at times takes a dip if you are using Ram based programmes, which might be used by other shared users as well at the same time.

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