Should you blog? has posted a controversial article that discourage people to blog. It talks about high competition on blogging. Many professionals now blog. If you look at Technorati’s list of the top 100 blogs, you will rarely find personal sites. Most of them are manage by professional, online magazines: The Huffington Post. Engadget. TreeHugger. A stand-alone commentator can’t keep up with a team of pro writers cranking out up to 30 posts a day.

It is also more difficult to be top of Google search page. When you search something at Google, the first page result might be run by proffesional like Wikipedia. It will be very hard to appear on first page.

It says that Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook has changed the conditions from the old days. It will be the main competitor, because it has more multimedia ability. It supports pictures, audio, and videoclips which are very essensials nowadays.

As for my personal opinion, blogging has certainly more difficult today. Many people are in blogging looking for extra income. They are more and more competitors out there. To survive in this competitive market, you need to be more creative. Use more multimedia, like image, video, and audio. Don’t do like other people do. Do things differently, and you might be rewarded.

So what do you think?

Oct 27, 2008 by
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