Should I Consider WordPress Hosting for My WP-powered Blog?

Are you planning to build a blog, either for your personal endeavor or for your business? If so, one of the first things to consider is which blogging platform you should use to power your blog (obviously, you would want to do this after you have a domain name in mind.) WordPress is the household name in blogging world, and I can’t see why you don’t use WordPress as your blogging platform.

If you have finally decided that WordPress is the best solution for you (it is!), your next step would be seeking the right web hosting provider to host your WordPress blog.

The problem is, there are plenty of web hosting offers on the Net today, in such a way that deciding one that is the most appropriate for your blog is a daunting task. Your ‘due diligence’ in choosing a web hosting provider remains the same: What’s the uptime guarantee? How positive is the testimonial? Any additional perks? Can I close my account anytime? What’s the refund policy? And more things to consider in deciding the right web hosting.

To simplify your task, I would like to recommend you one thing: Highly consider WordPress hosting. Why? Because it’s only logical. If you are planning to establish a WordPress-based blog, you surely want to look into WordPress hosting.

What is WordPress hosting?

It offers similar services like those of general web hosting providers offer you, with one distinct difference: It is WordPress-oriented. Now, here lies the problem: Many claim that they are WordPress hosting, but some just offer it as a marketing gimmick – to attract WordPress-based site owners to sign with them.

Here’s the truth: If your web servers are Linux-based and run with the full feature of the standard PHP 5 and MySQL, you can run WordPress-powered sites very well. Most Linux-based web hosting providers offer this, so what’s all the fuss about being a WordPress hosting if it’s only your ‘standard’ plan you offer to public as the much-hyped “WordPress hosting”?

If a web host claims that it is a WordPress hosting, it must offer something that non-specialist web hosting providers don’t. Let’s see – how about WordPress-savvy Support Team?

In all “WordPress hosting” I encountered so far, there is only one that can live up the expectation, namely WP WebHost.

WP WebHost exceeds all expectations: They are run by those who are WordPress-lover and WordPress-savvy. Their team consists of people who have worked with hundreds of blogs, hundreds of WP themes, thousands of plugins and countless of WordPress core coding tweaks. What’s more, WP WebHost Support Team is the only customer support on the Net offering WordPress-related support – e.g. Why I get 500 Internal Server Error when I set Permalink? How to get X plugin to run with Y plugin despite the conflicting nature of the plugins? And other WordPress-related questions.

So, I conclude that if you are not PHP-savvy or comfortable with tweaking the backend of your blog, you might want to consider hosting with WordPress-specialist web hosting provider.

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