Role of Web Hosting in Search Engine Optimization Process

So, you have not spared any efforts on your side to make your website SEO friendly and it seems your hard work have done a credible job to help your website gain some tractions when it comes to ranking in major search engines. Google’s obsession with speed is not anything unknown and it has launched a tool to figure out how fast is your website compared to others coded named –Google Online Page speed. However, if you have a love-hate relationship with Google, Y-slow is there to make your task easier. But despite scoring high in tools, the actual loading speed of your website may spell doom. And the culprit is none other than your chosen and trusted web hosting service provider. So, quite expectedly, you need to get your website hosted in different server to save your website from being lost in oblivion. Here we are going to share some tips that can save your skins in innumerable ways:

Reliability: Just tall claims are not going to do any good to your website. You have to be diligent that your website is not going to face occasional outrage, as people are less likely to turn up to your website if the website always remains down. These so-called rare outrages can cost you hugely. Though you may not see any difference in the number of visitors or the sales volumes may not show any sign of fall, your online reputation may be at stake. Take it this way – Google bot came website and found it down. First time, it is ok, second time down, you need to have something to worry and if this continues for the third time in a row, Google will take it as forever-down website and will shot it down from its ranking. Do you want to see this? Definitely not. So all the serious guys out there, you need to make sure that your web hosting company is not repeating this kind of mistake.

Fast, Fast: Are you still in denial about the impact of loading time in SERP? Go to your webmaster account, then go to Labs >> Other. And there you will see Google has publicly declared that site speed is a factor in SERP. From the users’ perspective, it also makes sense to have a website that loads fast. Sometimes, it is web hosting that kills a website’s performance by taking loooooong (sorry for playing with words) time to render elements in web browsers. You need to check the performance of other websites hosted under the same plan of a web hosting company, before proceed with your plan to get your website hosted therein. So, it makes sense that you should go for hosting plans of some big boys like Godaddy, Netfirms, UK2 etc. However, there is no need to put extra pressure on your pocket, innumerable number of discount coupons on web hosting service is available. All you need to find out one good for you. And it will settle everything.

Seo Knowledge Of Your Web Hosting Company: Make it a point that web hosting company has a team of technical support staff who are quite knowledgeable about SEO. Otherwise you will have hard time in making them see reason why you want to edit .htaccess file or why you want to redirect all non-www version of your website to with www version via .htaccess file or why you are so adamant about speeding up your website by adding some codes in .htaccess file.

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