Rediff Launches WebinMail

Rediff has launched a new product called Web in Mail. It enables you to receive web pages via mail. You can try it by sending a mail to with the URL of the webpage you want to see in the subject. An email will be sent back to you with html version of the site embedded in the mail.

Venki CTO, throws some light on the usage of this product “Web-in-mail will let people with restricted internet access to now access internet content”. You then can browse without actually using a Web browser! This means, that you can surf all those blocked sites at office or college using your email.

I tried it with my Yahoo email (using web browser), and the reply went to my spam folder. This is a serious problem that Rediff need to resolve. It has the ability to download the image from the target’s website and attach it to it’s reply email. Great!!! But in the email, the layout is very poor. Maybe it’s because the css problem. It does not have the correct CSS. The links in the email is not working too. I don’t think it will succeed. Let’s just see.

Dec 2, 2008 by
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