Recommended Web Server Performance Monitoring Tool: Dotcom-Monitor

At Dotcom-Monitor, a person running a business will find all that they need to ensure that their business is always running as it should. They offer website monitoring that is going to make sure that they have the server uptime and the web server performance that they are paying for through their web host. If there are ever any problems, the company will immediately send notification of the problems to the website owner and make sure that the person knows that these are problems that need to be addressed.

The website will be monitored every one minute, which is a time that most companies are unable to provide and this is going to ensure that website is always at the best quality that it can be with a server uptime that the person needs to keep their business running. Server uptime is something that the person must have in a website if they want to ensure that they are not missing out on any potential clients. In addition, at specified periods of time, the person will receive a report on just how well their website is running and if there were any problems during the time in which the website was being monitored.

There are many big companies that call Dotcom-Monitor their website monitoring guru. Big names such as Sprint or TimeWarner. This shows that the company can perform to the level of any business and no business is too big for them to handle.

The prices of their packages are low cost, with many starting at fewer than ten dollars. The best part of what they offer is that people can pick and choose the services that they want in order to get the most value for their dollar. And the person is billed on a month to month basis, thus, they can cancel at any time if they are not satisfied. Though, most people that use this website monitoring company are more than thrilled with the results.

Feb 9, 2012 by
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