Real Time Analytics Technology: How QuartetFS can Help Your Business

Businesses need in-memory analytics in order to help them make timely decisions. How Quartet Financial Systems (QuartetFS) can help you?

If you are a decision maker you understand that you need to handle some business operations in real time. For instance, if your financial institution offers forex trading platform for investors, you need real time analytics tool that can help you calculate, monitor and manage risks in such a way that you will get the best return for you investment. If you run a banking institution, you might need a system that can help you make the right decision regarding collateral requirements to back a loan, with considerations to circumstances and scenarios – all in all aiming to minimize your business risks.

If you run a retail business that includes e-commerce, you might want a real-time business intelligence and activity monitoring solutions to allow you make well-informed decisions, as well as minimizing risks of breakdown in your e-commerce operations, retail operations and logistics.

The bottom line, you need a system that can help you gather data and information, analyze them, and offers you options to help you make better decisions.

Recommended real time analytics

There are some real-time analytics solutions in the market today, but I would like to recommend you QuartetFS, for some reasons.

What is QuartetFS?

QuartetFS offers real-time business intelligence and business activity monitoring solutions cross many disciplines. QuartetFS answers demands for accurate information for in-memory analytics and decision making, which includes risk management, e-commerce, retail and logistics. QuartetFS products can be easily and quickly integrated into your existing business architectures, ready to meet your business requirements.

QuartetFS offers two powerful tools: ActivePivot and ActiveStream.

ActivePivot is an object orientated OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tool providing you with secured real-time analytics capabilities. ActivePivot can give you real-time alerts on KPI (Key Performance Indicators) you set.

ActiveStream is a Java-based trade processing and life cycle engine that can help you develop better system and offer you easy integration with other services, such as your existing Forex trading platform and business information system.

To guide you by hand, QuartetFS also offer training, implementation and support.

Who should use QuartetFS

QuartetFs offers powerful real-time analytics solutions particularly for financial institutions (FX trading, business lending, etc.,) e-commerce companies and any businesses want to stay ahead of their competition by investing in a decision support system helping executives to make better decisions.

As today’s business climate favors businesses that have better analytics and intelligence systems, adding real-time analytics tool can only enhance your competitive edge to stay ahead of your competitors.

I recommend you to take a demo to see whether ActivePivot can answer your business issues.

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