Profit from selling website

Selling websites can become a profitable business. You can start by buying new website, develop and maintain it, and then sell it. Or you can start building from zero. Website has become virtual real estate.

Here are steps before you sell your website/blog:

  • Build a website
  • Fill it with good content. The more content you have, more people will come to your website from search engine. Many good contents will usually brings lot of traffic.
  • Do marketing on it, build links to it. This will help you gain higher PageRank, higher rank in SERP, and finally more traffic.
  • Monetize your website through advertisements. People usually buy websites by looking at its revenue. Your website can normally be sold for six to twelve months profit (income-expense).
  • Wait until it has PageRank and sell it.

Remember that higher traffic, revenue, ranking in Search Engine Result Page, and PageRank will have higher value.

Oct 18, 2008 by
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