One month chalange blog

I’m starting my one month challenge blog. In one month, I would like this statistic on my blog and eventually all my blogs. I call this the “Five” stats. Here they are:

  • 50 Articles
  • Page indexed at Google : 500
  • Backlinks at Google : 50
  • Dailly unique visitor : 50
  • One month revenue from adsense : $5

My target for that stats is one month for more than one month old blog and two months for new blogs. I’m currently working one of my blog. I only have 10 days for this month. It is a one year old blog and it’s current statistic are:

  • 49 Articles
  • Page indexed at Google : 122
  • Backlinks at Google : 1
  • Dailly unique visitor : 45.9
  • One month revenue from Adsense : $7.8 (Done)

With only 20 days to go, I’m quite optimistic that I will reach the number.

Jan 20, 2009 by
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