OIO Publisher Ad Spaces Management WordPress Plugin – Automate Your Advertising Management

I’ve recently purchased a WordPress plugin that automates blog advertising management – OIO Publisher.

I genuinely think that this WordPress plugin is one of the must-have plugin if you are serious about making money online.

Why? Because ads management can be confusing, at times. You have to manage your advertising clients’ payment. Be thankful if your clients want to use auto-payment subscription. If your clients are not comfortable with payment subscription, contacting and renewing the client ads are really a hassle. Make that a headache if you have dozens of advertising clients and dozens of websites – even hundreds 🙂

The following are some of the main benefits of OIO Publisher you can’t deny 🙂

OIO Publisher eliminates the need for middlemen

Using advertising management service, such as BuySellAds.com, cost you a large chunk of percentage from your ad sales. Not good.

You might say that BuySellAds.com has a perk: A marketplace that exposes your ads sales more. If you think that as a perk, think again – OIO Publisher manages your ads without the need of any middlemen, plus you can list your website on OIO Publisher Marketplace.

OIO Publisher Ad Server allows you to manage many ads on many sites in one centralized location

If you run multiple websites or blogs, you will find this WordPress plugin very helpful and powerful – OIO Publisher can have your blog as an ad server, managing ad spaces on your network of sites and blogs on a single, centralized, place.

OIO Publisher can run on non-Wordpress powered websites

Yes, OIO Publisher can manage ads on non-Wordpress powered websites, through the embeddable Javascript. Of course, you need the Ad Server to be set up on your WordPress-powered site.

Not only on blogs, I have OIO manage ads on my PHPLD-powered and eSyndicat-powered web directories 🙂 How’s that for flexibility?

How much OIO Publisher will cost me?

The plugin costs $47, and if you want to claim it now, you can have $10 discount using this OIO Publisher promo code: INDIGO-NOOB0509

In my opinion, $47 ($37 with the promo code) is a small investment that can return you exponentially in your resource management. Managing ads is time consuming, and hiring staff can drain your cash – Stop managing your ads manually, start managing your ads automatically with OIO Publisher.


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