My Gmail account hijacked

My gmail account has been hacked. I have $100 adsense in that account. What should I do? I’ve search every where ways to contact google about this, but unable to contact google and get their response. Google support was poor, they did not mention how to solve this. If you search the internet there are a lot of people who had their email hijacked. BEWARE!!! I did not know how this could happened. I think I have hard to guess password, and are carefull on clicking on emails link. I receive an email, that he changed the payee and address information. I rarely used the email, so I forwarded the email to my other email. That’s why I know that this guy was changing my account.

Curse that hacker. Hopefully that person mom’s will have broken arms, his father will have broken leg. His children will have brain cancer. His wife will have breast cancer. I’ve worked hard for it and he just took it away and cause me a lot of trouble.

Now I have to create another account, which google might not approved again.

I’ve send email to Google with proof that I have that Gmail account. I send them an image of my collection proof of the Adsense check. Haven’t got any reply from them again. You can read other people who had their domains stolen here.

Updated November 22, 2008

Nov 20, 2008 by
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