Link building

Link building is an essential activity that you must do to increase your traffic. Links are important because it tells the search engines that other sites are voting for your site. Usually, the more vote you have, the higher your rank in search engine. But those votes are not equal. Some votes are worth more than other votes. Here are some criteria that links are more valuable:

  • The link should not contains “nofollow” tag. View the page source and search “nofollow”. If it contains “nofollow”, it means that you are not getting any vote.
  • Links from other websites that have high PageRank are more valuable.
  • Links from websites with the same category like your website is more valuable. If you have an investing website, get link from other investing websites.
  • Link with the keyword you are targeting in the anchor text is more valuable, because it will help you rank better for that keyword in search engine.
  • Link closer to the top of the page has higher value. This means that link from banner is more valuable than link from footer.

There are basically three ways to get links from other websites:

  • Other people gives you links on their own will. When other people read you article and thinks it is a great content, he might recommend it to their reader, thus giving you link.
  • You get links on your own effort. You can gives comment on other blog, reply post on forums, add links on your signature, directory submissions, and article submission.
  • A combination of your effort and they giving you link. You can create a CMS template (WordPress, and Joomla) and have your own link in the template’s footer. Making a useful plugin / widget can also helps you gain link, because you can put your own link on the plugin or widget.


Leaving comments on other people blog can be source of traffic to your blog. You can also get backlink, if they are do follow blog. By posting a controversial comment, you might have lots of traffic. Here are comments tips so you get maximum result:

  • What is you target on commenting? Is it SEO reason or is it branding your self. If you want to brand your self, it is better to use your own name instead of using your keyword. When you use your name, people will remember you more easily. If you have common name, change your name just like celebrity change their name. If you want back link, you should check their page source code. Search the source for ‘nofollow’. If it exist, then you will not have back link to your blog.
  • Make a good comment, which is clear, and relevant. Make your comment useful for other people reading it. Don’t just say “Good post”. Write why it is good?
  • Try to be the top commentators, because it will bring you many traffic. You will get link from their home page.
  • Choose your words wisely. You don’t want to create trouble that could make someone hate you. It is good to write constructive criticism that doesn’t hurt others feelings.
  • Be the first commentator. People usually pay more attention to first poster.
  • Do not put your signature in your comment. I think it is unnecessary. Your post usually have your name in title link. So don’t be greedy.


Seek forums that are related to your site, read the threads and respond with great advice. If you do this right, you’re going to have instant access when they click on your links in your profile. Here are some tips for getting traffic from forum:

  • Upload image for your avatar. You could use your own photo. This will make other people to remember you more easily.
  • Put your website / blog URL in your signature. Use color and bold font to make you different from other people.
  • If the forum support using image for the signature, then use it.
  • Don’t forget to put your RSS feed on your signature or Blog XML Feed on vBulletin forum’s “Settings & Options” -> Edit Options.

Directory submissions

Here are some tips on doing directory submissions:

  • Find directory that have high PageRank
  • Find directory that gave you link. Check their source code. It should not contains “nofollow” tag.
  • Use keyword on the link that is pointing to your website.
  • If the directory has high PageRank, consider paying fee if you have the budget to get your website on their featured websites list. You will have instant backlink from high PageRank to your website.

Article submissions

You can submit your article to, or any website that will accept your article. You can set your link in the author box. By submitting article, you can have two benefits. First, you can get instant traffic from people who are interested in the article and click your link. Second, you will have link pointing to your website.

Once the article is completed you can use an article submission service such as to get your article out to a large number of publishers quickly.

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