Learning from CJ case

I have just read the CJ publishers case studies. It shows successful people using CJ. You can learn a lot from them. It will inspire you. Here are the summary:

  • Provide value to customers. By focusing on specialty markets such as travel, and financial services you can get to know your audience and tailors your Web sites to address your visitor needs. Your site needs to be attractive and valuable to existing and potential customers, have current offerings and updated content. How to create valuable value? Think like your visitor and think what information do they need. Use latest web technology to amuse them.
  • Partner with the right advertisers, who offer competitive commission structure, communicating openly and frequently, and have great brand.
  • Take advantage of Commission Junction’s extensive reporting capabilities. You can take advantage of the EPC, or earnings per 100 clicks, metric. This shows the ability to convert clicks into commissions and shows how well that advertiser converts traffic into actual sales or leads. From this you can track which works and which doesn’t.
Jan 24, 2009 by
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