Learn from Caroline Middlebrook blog

Caroline Middlebrook is one of my favorite blogger, because her writing is great, loves to share her knowledre. You can learn a lot from her, even from her blog. You can mimic what she have in her blog. Here are the components of her blog:

  • When the blog loads, she have pop up opt-in form. Your opt-in data is your asset. It’s a MUST in internet marketing. You can try my Newletter plugin to collect your email.
  • In it’s header, she have a bluehost banner. This is a great place to place your banner because it is easily spotted. Below that, there are several menu. The important menus acoording to me are:
    • “Make Money Blogging”, In “Make Money Blogging” she gives a complete blogging course written in 49 lessons for free at a rate of one per week. 49 lessons means 49 weeks or more than a year. The Fast Track is a single download containing the whole course.
    • “Free Stuff”, every body loves free stuff. So it is a must for your blog to have free stuff.
    • “Archives”, the archive is a list of all post by months.
  • The header also promotes her three products.
  • The body of the blog have two sections, the left and the right. The left is the blog posts, where she only show 5 posts, and each post have “Read the full post” link. The important thing from the right are:
    • Feed form, very essential to gather opt-in data.
    • Her social networking site links, very essential to get traffic from there.
    • In the footer there is a “Top commentator” widget to get attract more comments and build your reader’s loyalty to your blog.
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