Ken Avoy’s SiteSell secret

Ken Avoy is a great man who creates SiteSell, a tool to build websites. He has tons of free ebooks and advice to help you build your website and rank better in search engine. He always say to be successful in Internet Marketing you must “PREsell not sell”. Here are his concept:
Content (C) -> Traffic (T) -> PREsell (P) -> Monetize (M)

  • When doing affiliate marketing, you need to have good content for your blog. You should make content that you are enthuastic for. When visitors know you share their passion, there is an instant bond. This will help you to sell. You also need to think a profitable topic for your blog. A topic that have a wide range selection of affiliate products. Choose topic which have high demand and lwow supply.
  • Then it will bring traffic to your blog. More content will usually bring traffic from search engine. Great content will make people gave backlink to your blog and this will bring you traffic too.
  • Then from the article you can do PREsell, making recommendation for the product. PREselling is really about building trust and credibility with your potential customer through great content.
  • After there you can sell and monetize the product. You should diversify to take full advantage of your PREsold traffic. By diversify, you will minimize your risk. If something bad happened to one partner, you still have other partner.
Jan 12, 2009 by
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