interview with Luis Torres

Yesterday I interviewed Luis Torres from about his activity in internet marketing. From the interview you can learn how to be a successful internet marketer. Here’s the interview:

  • Can you first tell us, when and how did you get into Internet
  • I got into IM in November 2007, but I were in the internet since
    September 2006. I got into this niche after learning a lot of strategies
    from the “Guru´s”, then I just begin to love IM and decide I can help
    beginners so they can start to make money online faster than it took me.

  • What is you primary strategy on bringing traffic?
  • Depends, I have used most of the strategies, but If you are in a budget
    and have more time than money then Social Networks will give you Free
    Traffic, this is actually where I begun to use before to switching to
    adwords and other paid ads like Bidvertiser. The best Social site to
    increase your visitors for free for me was and the best I
    had found to promote anything it is, everybody or at least
    the vast majority understands that if you follow them then they should
    follow you back as an unwritten rule, you can end up having a lot of
    followers real fast, in less than half a year with only a few hours a
    day I got 1000+ followers.

    The problem with adwords, is if you are a beginner, you can lose up to
    your shirt with Google. With them it is better to learn how to optimize
    your ads so you can paid some peanuts for a large amount of traffic, if
    not done so, Google will give you all the clicks they can so they will
    make more money out of it. Ads it is not the only thing we need to think
    about, there it is also the Conversion Ratio of your site or Blog, this
    could be measured as more subscribers or more sales depends whats your
    primary goal.

    If you are new, you will need more subscribers first, so measuring by
    number of subscribers to your blog will be the smartest thing to do.

  • How many websites / blog do you have?

  • I do not recommend to have a lot of blogs or sites if you are a
    beginner, getting totally focused in 1 or 2 will be more than enough
    until you learn all you need to begin.

    Unless you are getting MFA Blogs, that’s Made for Adsense or Made For
    Amazon sites with autofeed, so you are not actually writing, you are
    just letting your site feeds itself with others related content in your
    site, therefore you don’t need to invest time in this kind of Blogs.

    I do have 2 blogs but only one mayor. And about 3 static sites, some
    sales copy or squeezepages (just made for capturing subscribers.

    -How much time do you spend on internet marketing?

    Even that I still have a full time job, I am spending about 5 hours a
    day from Monday – Friday and some other 7 hours a day in the weekend.

  • What blog / website do you visit often?
  • It is not only one. There basically five:,,, and but I also visit the
    blogs of my Entrecard dropers and commenters.

  • Which do you prefer, website / blog?
  • Blogs are the best for getting Indexed at the search engines that’s why
    I prefer them. But you may need some Static Sites, like when you are
    trying to get subscribers. Having a SqueezePage it is the best method to
    do some very specific task like increasing your list or selling

  • How do you monetize your website / blog?
  • My main it is affiliate and people paying to advertise in my blog, I
    found a lot easier to manage my ads with the OIO publisher plug in.

  • How much revenue do you earn and how much cost do you spend on internet
  • My earnings still not very consistent, I just had a guy that bought some
    text links in my old post that paid me 120 dlls and some affiliate sales
    I got for 48.8 dlls plus some clicks that are just 10 dlls, I am not
    focusing in adsense or bidvertiser clicks but I will begin to do it and
    see how much I can earn from adsense or bidvertiser.

    Since I am not using adwords for now, it actually cost me nothing in
    ads, just my 9 dlls per month in webhosting.

  • Any tips for other Internet Marketer or newbies?
  • Basically you have to learn before beginning any venture, when you are
    still a newbie (less than a year in the internet, unless you already
    have a background of a webmaster and/or marketer so your learning curve
    will be almost nothing) the best way it is to try everything that you
    can for free, while you are still learning.

    You also have to search for the niche you will focus most of your time
    and effort. Whatever your niche is, you need to be sure it is
    profitable, means there are actual people trying to buy anything in that

  • What is your future goal in internet marketing?
  • My Goal it is to Help as may beginners as I can to shorten their
    learning curve, at least enough to help them not to quit to soon. I had
    seen people quitting after a year, but you will realize that to succeed
    to Make Money Online sometimes you will need up to 5 years depending on
    your background and or time/money invested.

    Of course the more time and some money you invest, the faster you will
    make money in a more consistent way that may lead you to quit your job
    if you still have any of course.

    Of course also as most of the new people jumping into the internet my
    Ultimate Goal it is to Fire my Boss, I guess it will be no better
    feeling than Firing your Boss, LOL (Just for a change).

    Here are what you can learn from Luis:

  • Social Networking like entrecard, and twitter is important.
  • Collect your opt-in list. It’s your valuable asset.
  • Focus on one or two website.

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