Internet Monitoring Software to Maintain Office Productivity

Employee and internet monitoring software can offer a range of different features to help employers check that computers are being used for work purposes rather than for personal enjoyment. A lot of time can be wasted if employees are accessing social networking websites, playing games or otherwise making personal use of their computers during work hours. Fortunately, there is a way to curb such activities; internet monitoring software offers employers a way to make sure that their office computers are being used appropriately.

Internet monitoring software can enable employers to do employee monitoring; to check how a computer is being used, either while it is in use or at a later date. They can also offer features that can be used to block particular types of use, such as access to particular websites. Once an internet monitoring program has been installed on a computer, the employer will be able to monitor its use, without alerting the employee to the fact that they are being monitored. However, many monitoring programs also offer the ability to communicate with the computer user, for example in order to send them a warning message.

These types of software can also be used by teachers and parents to monitor internet and computer use in order to ensure that children are not accessing inappropriate material and to check that they are using their computers in the right ways, for example in order to complete schoolwork rather than to play games. Monitoring software can also be loaded onto other electronic devices, such as smartphones, in order to monitor their usage.

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