How to use google effectively

By querying the right words, you can find information at Goole much more fast. Here are tips how to use Google search:

  1. Use quotation marks to find a specific phrase. If you are looking for a website that provides cheap and reliable hosting, you can search with [“cheap hosting”], instead of [cheap hosting]. By using the quotation marks you will get more targeted search results. The phrase must be in the exact same order.
  2. Use “And” to find specific phrase which does not have the exact same order. If you are searching for [cheap and hosting], it means that you are searching websites that must have the words but in any order.
  3. Use minus (-) Signs when you want to exclude words from your search. If you are not looking for cheap hosting, you can query with [hosting -cheap].
  4. Use the “site:” to find specific term from a particular website. For example, a company ( might have various business and you are looking for hosting in them, so you look with [ hosting]. This will return website from which contains “hosting”.
  5. use the “filetype:” to find specific documents. If you are looking for a pdf which explains how to search a good hosting, you can search with [“how to choose hosting” filetype:pdf].
  6. Use “intitle:” to find a phrase that is located in the title tag. This can be usefull, because the title tag usually explains the whole page. People do emphasize things in their title. If they are focusing on cheap hosting they usually put it in the title. Use [intitle:cheap hosting] to find websites that have “cheap” and or “hosting” in their title.
  7. Use “..” to find numbers between two numbers. If you are looking for a hosting that charge between $5 and $6 per month, then you can query with [hosting $5..$6].
  8. Use “stocks:” to find information about a stock. If you are looking for information about Google (goog) stock, you can search with [stocks: goog].
  9. Use “movie:” to find information about movie reviews and show times. Here’s how you use it: [movie:Jumper].
  10. Use the Advanced Search Page if you could not remember the various combinations of search query. This is available from the main Google search page.
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