How to Start Your Own Blog

Creating a blog is actually easy. There is no need for technical skills. Before you start the first thing you must know is is the topic of your website. Here are a quick guide of what to think over before creating your blog:

  • Theme: Determine what you would be writing about. This depends mainly on your interest. Topics blogging to the field of politics, investing, gaming, travel, arts, current affairs, or anything. You can stick to one theme or you can choose to write about whatever concerns you on a day to day basis.
  • Blogging Provider: Next you need to decide upon which blogging service provider you would like to use. You can try out one of these popular sites:, and You can build blog for free there. If you need need hosting. Here is what I recommend for web hosting.
  • Templates: A wide range of templates will be made available on any blogging service you decide to start you blog. Select the one you most prefer or like. If you bought your own shared hosting, you can find templates here.
  • Layout: There will be a wide range to choose from in terms of layout and color schemes.
  • Publish: Finally when you are done selecting the preferences, making the content, you need to publish the content. Do not, however, forget to send the link to your blog to your friends and other websites so that they may come visit you.
Sep 6, 2008 by
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