How to Start an Ecommerce Site that Sells

Starting an ecommerce site is not a difficult task – even a beginner can do it well, according to this UK webmaster hosting blog.

One of the blog’s useful articles, Guide to selling online, suggests these three must-have parts in setting up an ecommerce site:

  1. Ecommerce shopping cart: The backbone of your ecommerce site; the cart will process customers order in such a way that the transaction shall commence flawlessly, with accurate sales reporting.
  2. Payment processing: After you take orders from your customers, you obviously need a payment processing system to get paid for your sold products.
  3. Search engine marketing: The last and most important one – no matter how well you build the ecommerce site, without search engine marketing, your sites will go nowhere.

With emphasis on #3, many new online entrepreneurs are unaware that starting an ecommerce site is not only about pretty front-end design and powerful back-end; more often than not, the focus on search engine marketing is what make or break an online business.

“Build it and they will come” is not the principle to follow in online business. You can clone whichever ecommerce sites you encounter right down to the last detail – many expert web developers can do just that for you. However, the cloned ecommerce site can’t match the capabilities of the ecommerce sites, unless you are doing rigorous search engine marketing campaigns. Furthermore, more often than not, search engine marketing alone can get your site to go further, in term of search engine ranking and sales generated.

In order to succeed, you need to ace the three parts altogether – not an easy task, but doable. Are you ready to do whatever it takes to sell online? If so, do the three parts properly.

Aug 31, 2010 by
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