How to promote your ebook?

Maybe you have created your first ebook, but did not know how to promote it. Ebook can be very usefull for other people. You can write an ebook in order to sell it, give it free for your reader, or use if as a mean to sell something. Here are some ideas to help you promote your ebook:

  • Promote it in your own blog/website. Very simple huh. Write a post about your new ebook, or put the ebook cover on your blog’s sidebar.
  • Do PPC to three big ads networks like Google Adwords, Yahoo, and MSN. I recommend using too. It’s cheap and effective.
  • Send email to your opt-in list, that you have created the ebook.
  • Put links in your email and forum signature. You can put your ebook link just before your signature, by adding a ‘P.S’. It will look like this: P.S: Download Free ebook : “How to increase blog traffic!” Download today at
  • Submit it to ebook directory, like,,,
  • Submit to freebie download sites. They have many traffic, because many people wants freebies. If you want to use your ebook to sell something don’t submit it here. Those people usually only wants free stuff. You can try submit your ebook at,,, and
  • Create a post at forums that say about your ebook. If you are in the internet business, try and
  • Ask people to review your ebook in forums. You can give the ebook freely to anyone that want to review it. Limit the offer to two people and active forum member.
  • Do Joint Venture with famous blogger. They can can provide instant traffic. Just remember to provide a win-win solution for both party.
  • Do ezine advertising where you can have lots of traffic to your ebook. Ezine has many subscriber where you can have instant access to them by paying some money. Remember to find ezines that is relevant to your ebook topic. You can try Before you buy the ads, subscribe the ezine first to know the ads placement.
Nov 13, 2008 by
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