How to Manage Your Websites Better with File Compare Software

If you are a web property investor like me, one of your most challenging tasks is managing updates on hundreds of your sites – this is why I need file compare software to help me and my team to work in efficient and effective manners.

Consider these typical scenarios, at least from my own experience.

You host your websites on a reseller account of a reputable web hosting provider. Regardless the near-100% reliability of most web hosting providers, you do need to regularly backup your files and databases, just in case. Unfortunately, there are times when you need to go through the previous backups due to corrupted files, hacked sites, web servers’ hardware problems, etc. If you run a couple of sites, there should be not much of a trouble. Alas, this it not the case if you run 100s of sites. Ouch.

Your websites run on CMS (content management system,) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. With the all-powerful CMS features and functions, there is one thing in common for website owners to do: Upgrade the CMSs. Usually, the upgrades will go smooth and the whole process is automated. However, in certain version upgrades, there are possibilities for your content to look ‘funny’ due to incompatibilities with the new CMS versions. You need to go through each and every web page to ensure there is no coding or scripts run awkwardly. Ouch.

Here’s another case – Suppose you have a team of web developers and/or content writers; unless they don’t work on the same sites, files or documents, there will be not much of a problem. Unfortunately, many of us don’t enjoy the luxury of having each staff assigned to a certain task; many of us will require our staffs to work where they are needed the most – e.g. Scoring a large project will require you and your team to ‘scramble’ and prioritize on the project, while multitasking on several small ongoing projects. Ouch.

What’s the solution?

The solution to remedy the ‘madness’ is actually pretty simple, really. You need a tool – or software, to be precise.

A Project Management software is one, but what really cut overheads in all get-your-hand-and-feet-wet tasks, such as document and file editing is file compare software. Just search for “file compare software” and you’ll be presented with software – both free and premium – that can help you make and track updates fast.

File compare software is software that, in essence, comparing files of many extensions. You can compare two document versions, to track what changes has been made by your team. You can also compare folders in your computer, to spot the difference and in what manner – this is particularly useful to compare between the current folder and the backup ones, to see what has changed in your files, in such a way that you can detect and spot, for instance, PHP coding syntax errors.

Another time – or rather, life – saving feature of file compare software is the reporting solution. Doing comparisons on your files and documents is one thing, but analyzing them is a bigger problem. Good file compare software offers a powerful reporting solution, helping you to see things clearly and make the most appropriate decision.

I suggest you to invest in such software to help you manage your websites better and faster.

May 11, 2010 by
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