How to install wordpress

To setup wordpress on your hosting, you can use Fantastico in your hosting Control Panel. If your
hosting using “Cpanel” software, go to the Software section and click “Fantastico De Luxe”.
Fantastico is a wizard for web hosting which help users to install popular software easily with a
few clicks. So it is a wise choise to choose hosting with Fantastico feature. After you are in the
Fantastico page, Go to then blogs section and click “WordPress”. Create a “New installation” and
just follow the instructions.

If your hosting does not provide Fantastico, you need to upload WordPress file to your hosting
using FTP software. For example we are going to use Filezilla, a free FTP software. Once you have
installed Filezilla, click the “Site Manager” button, on top of your screen.

Once you are in the “Site Manager”, fill three information: 1) The host, 2) FTP username, and 3) FTP password. FTP user and password is usually the same as the Cpanel username and password.

When you are done, click “Save and Exit”. To connect to your hosting, click the arrow after the “Site Manager” button, and then click your website you want to connect. In your center of your screen, there will be two section: “Local site”, and “Remote site”.

When you want to upload, right click the “local site” and choose “Upload”, and when you want to download, right click the “Remote site” and choose “Download”. When you are connected, go to ‘public_html’ folder and upload your WordPress files. Most websites uses that folder to store public website. You may need to check with your web host for the exact folder to upload.

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