How to increase your RSS subscription

Your readers loyalty is based on how many people subscribe your RSS. But RSS is harder to monetize than regular blog. So why do you need to increase your RSS subscription? Because your readers loyalty is very important for longer terms. Having high RSS subscription means that you have successfully brand your blog. Your brand is worthless. Here are some tips on increasing your RSS subscription:

  • Do not show RSS subscription counter if it is still to small. Because psychologically people wont subscribe on blog with little subscribers. People like to join if other people has join first.
  • Do not ‘just’ post. But post usefull things. They won’t subscribe if it does not bring any good to them.
  • Make your RSS button easily found by your reader. Put it at the top at your blog and make it big.
  • Asked your visitor to subscribe your RSS. Tell them, if they like the post, consider subscribing to your blog. The best way to do this is by adding your wordpress theme file, at single.php.
Sep 13, 2008 by
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