How to do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a huge source of income, better than adsense if it is done correctly. Many people just use banner for affiliate marketing. This wont work well. You must affect your customer to buy, and this can not be done by using banner. You must make the your reader to trust you, and gives them solution of their problem. You might offer something that will save their money. I earn lots of money by selling Ken Evoy’s product. The product was great so it help me selling. If you want to sell it too, buy it and try for your self. That way you can promote better.

You can post a review about a product in your blog. Show how it can help them. Many people also use email marketing which also explains the benefit of a product. Another important thing to do is to hide your affiliate link. But first check with your affiliate program’s Term Of Service, whether they allow it or not. If you use wordpress like I do, you can create a php file, and told it to redirect to your affiliate link. Type this in your php file:


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